Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Kors.

Michael Kors has always been a wonderful designer.

From the magazine ads, the runway fashion to the stores, his style has always been a personal favorite of mine.
He's one of those rare designers that really does put out clothes that you can wear on the daily.

I love the fresh whites:

I don't think anyone else does that one shade of brown, on his belts/shoes/bags, quite like him.

I love how Michael Kors also uses the primary colors in its simplest shade to make his dresses and gowns.

I ADORE that yellow dress on the right. Gah!
And that green skirt... MINE!

One of my favorite colors to wear EVER is back this Spring:

Two things:
1.) The long vest on the left - sleeveless blazer - is going to be big.
2.) Liu Wen looks fabulous in it.

Kors' Khaki:
My favorite is the oversized sweater worn by Karolina and again, the long vest worn by one of my favorite models Frida.

My favorites:
1.) The tail on the sheer navy blue dress is such a nice detail.
2.) Gray on gray, with a simple crewneck gray sweater? Love it.
3.) The full flowy khaki skirt looks uber comfortable.
4.) Those gold harem pants... omg. Gah!

Do you see yourself in any of these outfits?


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StephWaung said...

i just want to say i am loving this multiple posts per day situation. you single handedly keep me entertained through hours of class!! love it :)