Friday, September 17, 2010


I never played with Barbies growing up.
I was the kid in a baggy t-shirt and overalls reading a book and munching on Ritz crackers.

But IF I were that girly girl, I would want nothing more than these Marchesa gowns to dress up my dolls with.

Marchesa Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Collection:

I've only been to a car show once in my life.
But there's that cool section called "Concept Cars" where carmakers come up with these strange futuristic looking cars with details and contraptions that aren't used in the cars we own.

I feel like those gowns above are the "Concept Gowns" of Marchesa's line.
They're so dreamy.

Here are the more ready to wear beauties in nude:

And my personal favorites:
1.) The first one looks like a dress from the movie Taken. Do you know what scene I'm talking about? *shudder*
2.) Harem pants are hot right now, but I never thought of them in lace! How cute is that cropped jacket on top?
3.) Lace and drape. It's like a curtain. But on a dress.
4.) I would LOVE to try this on and run around and let the train float around me.

Do you like?


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