Sunday, August 8, 2010

Simple Sunday.

Sunday, we meet again.

After church, we deliberated on what to eat for lunch.
Our hungover friends could not meet us for Peruvian food, so we will wait till next week.

2nd choice was Pho.
But my divalicious little sister can't stand the smell of it, so we settled for something everyone is always in the mood for:
Japanese Ramen.

In front of Daikokuya:
[Shirt: The Hanger, Leather Shorts: Solemio, Scarf Headband: Vintage]

My new wedges came out to play today.
And of course, I somehow scuffed them up in a matter of 10 feet walking distance.

[Shoes: Qupid (]

Tall iced coffee, unsweetend, with a little bit of half & half.
Coffee = love.

So happy.

My little Mijean.

[Dress: F21, Bag: Michael Kors]

[Necklace: F21, Watch: Juicy Couture]

[Shoes: F21]

I see my sister a good 10-20 hours a day.
And yet, I can't get enough of her.


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