Thursday, August 19, 2010

John Mayer.

The countdown has commenced!

I am going to see the love of my life at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday!

Honestly, he has reached a pretty low point this year with all the hoopla from the Playboy article.
He essentially made a fool of himself.

(There have been so many quizzes titled: Is John Mayer a douche bag? Yes or no?)

But since the interview and the awful media backlash, he's been pretty quiet and just gone back to doing his music and being less of an attention-starved celebrity.

Thanks John.
I knew you'd go back to your roots.

The last time I saw John in concert was when he released Continuum.
He came on stage with his hair buzzed and tattoos a plenty.
I died.

(But this was back when he was dating Jenn. I honestly can't stand her. Thank God that's over. She's so not worthy. I cringed every time I saw a tabloid mag with pictures of her all over him. Come on now.)

Oh, and of course, musically- he rocked it.

I am SO looking forward to this Sunday evening!
If only my boyfriend could muster up the same excitement.
It's Battle Studies!

After all, what's there not to love?


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