Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling Floral.

Typically, I shy away from anything floral.
Not that I have anything against it- I love flowers, but I just feel it's a bit dainty and fragile-ish.
I don't really like that vibe so I never felt drawn to floral print clothing.

But with the denim shirt I cling to this summer, and a not-too-frilly flower skirt, who can say no to an outfit like this on a warm summer LA day?

[Skirt: Mind Code, Denim Shirt: Miley (yes, Miley Cyrus), Black Tank Top: Express]

We were down in the hipster art district of downtown LA today.
My sister and I joke that we don't feel hip enough to sit next to the random artist strumming away at his acoustic guitar at the coffee shop across the street from us.

But he did provide a nice soundtrack to our informal photo shoot.
"Thank you random citizen."

I appreciate the vibrant colors of flowers that spill onto LA's tagged up sidewalks.

So I have a theory about watches that neither of my sisters care to embrace.

[Watch: George Elliot]

This men's watch was $8 at Wal Mart.
It cost me another $8 to get the extra links removed.
I understand that a name brand watch is nice. Who doesn't want a Rolex?
But your wallet feels great when you can find loopholes around unnecessary purchases.
So if you are looking for a bulky watch, and you don't have $300+ to spend on it, then you can take my route.

[Shoes: Mossimo]

Next up, Miss Mijean.

[Romper: Better B, Sunglasses: Gifted]

The wind was blowing and the ruffles started lifting off, and Mijean goes, "I feel like that dinosaur Jurassic Park... What's it called?"

I was like, "Omigosh! The raptor!!"

So it's now the raptor romper.

[Bangle: F21]

[Shoes: Bumper]

 So real quick, Bumper is my bf's shoe line. Super cute, super affordable shoes.
Look through their line and stock your shoe collection with them!!


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