Monday, July 12, 2010


After church, we were craving... Japanese Ramen!

But apparently, so were 50 other Angelenos.
So what to do while waiting...

[Pants & Blouse: Forever, Belt: Target, Shoes: Delicious, Bag: Marc Jacobs Satchel]

[Necklace: Forever]

[Shoes: Delicious]

[Romper: Peppe Peluso, Cardigan: Express]

Who could she be bbming...?

[Necklace: Forever]

[Ring: Forever]

[Shoes: Forever]

"Number 19!!!!"
Finally! Yummy noodles in our bellies!

Salad with delicious dressing.

Appetizer: Fried Spicy Salmon wrapped in a mint leaf with Sea Salt

Nom nom nom

Fried Pork Cutlet with Rice


Before you dig in though, you have to sprinkle this chili powder generously.

Now you can dig in!

If you've never been to Daikokuya, you MUST go.


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