Monday, July 12, 2010

Elie Saab Fall 2010 Couture Collection.

Aside from the Christian Dior collection, I haven't been very moved by any other collection thus far.

But Elie Saab's collection made my eyes widen in a breathless wow.

Sometimes, I wish I had functions to go to in these magnificent gowns.

Liu Wen shuttin it down.
Check out the leg on her.

Tangent: Liu Wen is one of the most in demand supermodels in the fashion world right now.
She entered a small modeling contest to see if she could win a laptop.
And now, here she is.
Good for her!!

I'm happy to see non-cheesy-looking Asian models coming up in the world.
She was also the first Asian model to strut the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Back to Elie Saab:

I would definitely not mind having this as my wedding dress.
I'm just sayin.

 Dior & Elie Saab: +1


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