Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Sharon.

The look:

Available to YOU:

Left: Floral Splatter Skirt ($14.80), Right: Pop Culture Skirt ($17.80)

Any black tank top.

Left: Lace-Up Sandals ($15.80), Right: Trinity Peep Toe Booties ($29.80)

Necklace: Antique Charms Necklace ($6.80), Bracelet: Angelique Winged ($5.80), Ring: Bold Center ($4.80)

Left: F3121 ($5.80), Right: F3589 ($5.80)

And if it's chilly:

Blazer: Garbadine Style Blazer ($27.80), or the black leather jacket I know is sitting in your closet.


{All images with costs from Forever 21}

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