Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday Soon Tofu.

Tofu is one of my best friends.

It's healthy and it's versatile.
It can be boiled, fried, in soup, in salads, in just about anything.

But my favorite tofu dish has to be Soon Tofu.

A hot spicy stew with soft tofu!

The go-to spot in LA is BCD.
Open 24 hours a day, it never fails to hit the spot every time.

No MSG = no cottonmouth.
You start with a fried fish.
I can only bear to look at the ones without the mouths horrifyingly gaping open.
I also have a problem eating seafood with eyes that stare accusingly at me.
This one was left untouched by yours truly.

While you wait for your order, you are served a series of side dishes.
These glass noodles are one of my favorites.

My mama always told me to eat my bean sprouts.

Spicy tempura.

Spicy squid.
Usually left untouched.

A must-have: kimchi.

Kimchi in 'water.'

My order: Kimchi Soon Tofu, no meat, medium spicy.

First, you must crack a raw egg into your bowl immediately after they serve it to you while it's still bubbling and hot.
(Do NOT wear a white t-shirt)

Then you mix it all together.

But sometimes, the soup isn't enough...
Spicy pork.


My friend's clean bone on the left vs. my amateur attempt.


Poor thing.

If you've never had this experience, I insist... you must indulge.
It would be my pleasure to join you.

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