Thursday, June 3, 2010

How To Pho

The town I live in should be ashamed at their lack of variety in ethnic eating establishments.
So when a Pho joint rolled through and settled into this quiet suburbia, I was thrilled!

Now Pho, (pronounced fuh) is a Vietnamese Noodle dish that I normally had to drive out to LA for only on frigid Winter nights.
[Imagine, the steam from the hot soup, the spicy sides that make your nose and eyes water... oh yes.]

The basics you need:
Limes, Bean Sprouts & that green plant that always gets discarded on the side of the table.

Sliced up raw onions.

[I highly dislike cilantro!]

The mysterious brown sauce & Sriracha sauce.
[I seriously have no idea what that brown sauce consists of]

First, you take your raw onions, squeeze the lime over it and drench them in the mysterious brown sauce & Sriracha sauce.
The more Sriracha sauce and the prettier the pattern you can create, the more props you get from yours truly.

After the onions soak in the mysterious brown sauce and the Sriracha, they turn into a delicious crunchy side to your Pho:

You must order the Eggrolls.

You wrap the eggroll in the lettuce, and dip it into the mysterious sauce #2.


You grab a little dish and put the mysterious brown sauce & Sriracha sauce together to dip the meats in your Pho.

You can take these same two sauces and put as much as you'd like into your broth to add a zing to your soup.



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fshnvctm said...

Hmm...on second thought, I should go with you. I'm craving some but only if you do the onion mix the same way you did it here please.