Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's been a rough week.
Work + not feeling well = more Mijean, less Jessica.
But she's a little treat, isn't she?

[Dress: Piko Clothing, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Charlotte Ruse]

I'm still a noob with the camera. So forgive me for the white contrast.

This was us scrambling around the parking lot on our way to buy a cake.
While Jennifer was inside getting impatient with us.


[Shirt/Dress: H&M, Belt: our mother's, Boots: Zara]

We were told by the cleaning crew that we would need to leave the premesis.
But we insisted, it was for a professional photo shoot.
Me. Professional. Ha!

[Watch: Macy's, Bracelets: Brass Plum]

4 days and 2 boxes of Contac later, I'm feeling much better.


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