Sunday, March 28, 2010

Santee Alley.

As our first entry, we decided there was no better place in LA to go, than the Fashion District.

The youngest is hands down, the most obsessed with shoes.
On her feet, on her clothes, and on any accessory she can find.

The middle is hands down, the most obsessed with sunglasses.
Particularly...Ray Bans.
Of every/any size and color.

The oldest has a dangerous obsession with handbags, belts & watches.
In that order.

[handbag: Windsor, belt: Gap, watch: Urban Outfitters]

Every girl dreams of having sisters to go on wild shopping sprees with. We're lucky to have each other and our opinions. Although... they can be a blessing/curse at the same time.

For those of you who don't know, Santee Alley is pretty intense if you want to be thorough.

And with 3 girls, with different tastes/styles/levels of patience, there is always the first one to crack.

The oldest could not hang.

While the youngest could not decide.

After many years of bickering, we've realized the only way to pacify a grumpy with food.

Introducing, the Santee Alley dirty dog.

Far superior to the after-Hollywood clubbing-dirty dogs.
Don't get it twisted.

There is pico de gallo for cryin' out loud!

2 hrs of traffic + 5 hrs of shopping + 3 dirty dogs & Cokes = 3 happy sisters with too many bags to count.

(A sneak peek at our goodies...)