Monday, February 20, 2017

Brunch Situation.

What better way to celebrate a free Monday than with catching up with a great friend at your favorite brunch spot?

I bring you the visual feast of today from Republique:

Chocolate scone & olive oil yogurt cake

Tres leches... I'm coming for you next time.
{Also, how adorbs is the display stand?}


Croque Madame

Kimchi fried rice with braised beef

Me, grateful that athleisure is still somewhat trending.

Enjoy your evening!
London Fashion Week favs and a recap of my recent road trip are on the way...


Sunday, February 19, 2017

This week.

This week of February is always full of lurv due to Valentine's Day and my big sister's birthday.
Both events were so delightful...

First, shoutout to DH for delivering on the flower front.
This bouquet is beyond.

Just beyond... thank you.
{Flowers from here}

For dinner, we went to Kali for their tasting menu:

This man and his cowlick are everything to me.
Happy Valentine's Day.

The best foie gras I've ever had my friends.

I'm never sure if we're supposed to eat those pretty flowers... but I do. 

Black barley risotto oh me oh my.


Beautiful and tasty chocolate dessert - love the display.

All I need. Dinner and flowers.

= = =

My big sister Jennifer has been working on her side hustle with a passion and I had the treat of paying her a visit on her day of birth...


You can check out her work and prints here.

As we're getting older just a simple dinner with our loved ones seems to be more than enough. 
It was a delightful time. I love you so much.
Happy birthday.

The birthday girl in all her glory!
(and that cheesecake tho)

The parental units.

And us.

Have a fantastic weekend friends.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Five.

This week was a full one and it seemed to fly by...
Which is all the more reason why it is important to slow down for a minute of gratitude. 
Without further adieu, my Friday five: 

Quiet moments with coffee and journaling.
I've scheduled them into my day as it becomes too easy to forget in the busy-ness of life.
Reflection is therapy.

The beauty of nature preparing for Spring all around us as the natural water supply has been ample lately.
Thank you Mother Nature.

When wanderlust strikes, but your wallet gives you a reality check... thank goodness we can dive into quick glimpses of Paris on the fly with the beauty of images that abound on the web.

Beautiful breakfasts.

And donuts.
Because donuts.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

NYFW Favorites Pt. 2

The next round of fashion shows in New York were delightful and full of fun colors and textures and a revival of great pieces by Jenna Lyons that make me excited for J.Crew again: 

I hope to see at least one of these at the Oscars this Sunday

Was it me or did some of these models channel Sansa Stark? 
On that note- I can't wait for GOT to come back.

I mean... how fantastic are these?
And that blue faux fur with those loafers... yas.

Free flowing fringe

And these!
The coat!



As a Los Angeles native, it's tough to complain very much about cold weather.
Especially given what the east coast has been coping with.
Either way, I am sensing (and loving) this throwback to the 90's trend of the puff jackets:

I wonder if anyone has thanked Missy Elliot for this...?

The cool kids are not even bothering to zip it up all the way.
The off-the-shoulder puff jacket is the new new... I'm not hating it at all.

I give my personal two thumbs up to this trend.
It's also fun hugging people who are this fluffy.
Baymax now walks among us!