Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home Decor: The Bar.

If there's one thing in life I can admit to being thoroughly embarrassed about, it has got to be my wretched intolerance for alcoholic beverages.

Since I have graduated from nights I can't remember, to calm lounge-esque scenes where sipping on a cocktail is the point of the night, I long for the physical capacity to gracefully handle a stiff drink or two.

My point being, the bar cart has become one of my greatest obsessions of home decor lately. 
But anyone who knows me would say, this is as useless as an apron hanging in the kitchen.
It simply has no use!

But let's go ahead and admire the aesthetic of having the perfect bar cart in a select corner or wall of your humble abode:

 This is actually on top of Louis Vuitton trunks which is way more fabulous, don't you agree?

Would it be ridiculous to have a bar full of ginger ale and apple juice?

Alright friends, it's hump day.
We're almost done with the summer and it's time to get our minds right for the next few quarters of insanity (work + school + personal life).
I'm ready.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer weekends.

Since blogging is not my livelihood, it'd be ridiculous to say I live my fabulous blogger lifestyle every day of the week.
I'm just trying to be honest with you.

But the weekends do allow us more time for...
- better planned outfits
- curlier hair 
- eyelash application
- delicious meals made by my mom
- quick trips to San Francisco

With that said, here is a visual recap of the past few summer weekends...

 Dodger games with my little sister and friends.

Although I do love watching live sports, the food is what I'm really there for.
(keeping it real)

 Quiet mornings with my work, a simple mug of coffee and toast. 
It's the little things.

Korean BBQing outdoors since the weather allows.
But beware of curious mosquitos who do not fear your palm.

 Apparently you can never have too many Flyknits.
My Chicago souvenir.

I don't normally deviate from the Birkenstock brand, but I adore Elle's style and when I saw it here, I had to have it! 

Then it was another trip up north for me and Cynthia to visit our missing piece Nila.

So we left the scorching city of Los Angeles to apparently battle winter-esque stormy weather in the city of SF while trying to keep it together and act like we knew what we were doing when we showed up in summer gear while the locals sneered at us.
(Note to self: always check weather app prior to packing!)
 In an unlikely grouping of women, the 3 of us met when we were so young and fast became and remained friends throughout highschool, college and our tumultuous 20's.

Through our beautiful and teary moments, we came out on top and more importantly together as three simple human beings who constantly seek to better understand and love each other without judgment and limitations.

We have little to nothing in common from culture to religion, but we believe that's the beauty of what we have worked so hard to hold onto and to nurture together.

I couldn't ask for more when it comes to true friends.
And I look forward to many more trips up north so the three of us can be reunited again and again.

 San Francisco stoops.

 Two things are happening here.
1. I'm freezing and just screamed at Nila to hurry up and take the dang picture.
2. Nila is also freezing and has little to no patience to wait for me to pose correctly.

So we gave up on that and headed to NOPA to try to grab a late brunch.
 My fantastic French pressed coffee 

 Soft scrambled eggs and avocado toast. 

After we finished eating, we had a slight food coma and found a cute dog park to lay down and nap at while puppies frolicked around us.
My version of heaven will look slightly like this.

En route to Haight & Ashbury we worked up a sweat walking up all those inclines.

 And the real reason why we can't stop going up north?
To hang out and play with these little rugrats that are growing up way too fast!
I love you Lily, Ali & Elias.
I miss you.

Back at home, it was time for late nights in LA.

Summer noodles made by my mama.

 Iced tea and lazy mid-day conversations with Haila.

 Coffee with Annabelle.

 Summer-themed manicures.

 And lots and lots of naps.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer this year.
Doing everything you dreamed of or nothing at all and just relaxing.

My goal was and is to do whatever it is I feel like, and that continues to be a mixture of chaotic plans and then stretches of time with absolutely nothing on the docket.

With the luxury of time to spare, a healthy body to take me anywhere, and a tight knit community of friends and family, I have nothing to complain about and everything to be oh-so grateful for.

This is life.
And it's fantastic.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trending: Mesh.

As a lover of fashion transitioning from one decade to the next, I'm finding the amount of skin to clothes ratio changing right along with me.
The question remains the same: How much is too much?

Right now, I'm in full appreciation of the way mesh has made its way into the scene in its subtle yet sexy way.
It is the answer to the question above that may plague all of us 20-something year olds trying to find a way to gracefully remain just a little bit risqué. 

The perfect mesh trim to a classic blanc & noir do is how I plan on lacing my mesh outfits together.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Chicago Part 2.

It's been a few weeks since my last update, and per usual, I feel guilty about not being a more diligent blogger. 
But hey, priorities tend to be reorganized in different orders sometimes and we're all just going to deal with it!

So here's the rest of the Chicago trip I took with my best friend Cynthia.
I was told by many older wiser men and women that in your late 20's, travel is essential.
I never took the time to travel in my earlier 20's while I prioritized work and told myself I literally cannot go on a vacation even if I wanted to...
Later, I will tell anyone who's willing to listen, that it was one of my greatest mistakes that I am now trying to make up for.

With that being said, the rest of my glorious journey into Chicago with my soul sister where I was reunited with my dearest of friends, the remedy to my lost adult self and the most important person I will ever confide and believe in. 

I left for this trip the day after graduating from my Masters program and I forgot to post this excerpt from a book my older sister gifted me with.
I remembered I threw it in my purse en route to LAX and took a minute to read while our flight took off.
The timing and the message were perfect.
Thank you unee.

The next day, we were strongly encouraged to do the architecture boat tour so that was #1 on our to-do list... after brunch.

 This was my chorizo scramble from Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe right by Millennium Park.
It was as fantastic as it looks.

The gorgeous view while we waited to be seated.

After pigging out, we decided it'd be best to walk it off to our boat tour!

Waiting to board...

And thennnn we're off!

There's something so refreshing and relaxing about being on water.
Granted, I live within 30 minutes of the Pacific Ocean, but you know what I mean.

Times with this lady are always filled with unstoppable laughs.
You have to cherish those friends who remind you not to take yourself and life so dang seriously...

The view on board.

After our majestic boat ride, we were also told to go to the Hancock Tower and go into the ladies' restroom where we will find the best view of Chicago.
I didn't understand why I was told to do this.

I get it now.
 We stayed up in the tower drinking and watching the sun go down and then Divvy'd our way around the city at night and woke up the next morning to get one more ride in before we headed back to LA.

 You know that desperate feeling you get when you know you have to go, but you really don't want to leave??
That was me on that bike.
You can't see my sad eyes through those shades.
But there wasn't an ounce in me that wanted to go home.

We did a lap around Wrigley and wanted to go in for a tour but alas, we had a flight to catch so we bid adieu to Chicago.
But I promise I'll be back again.
Sooner than later.